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  • Integrity and loyalty are the keys to a successful business and Joe Knape espouses both these qualities. If you want a lawyer you can trust to see you to an amicable resolution in a variety of legal matters, you can not do any better than 850 CALL JOE.
    -Katie PeckRating 5/5
  • From the first time I spoke with Joe I felt he was genuine and made me very confident he was the attorney for my case. He worked very fast and had my case dismissed in very little time. His demeanor was comforting during the entire process. Thanks Joe
    GlenRating 5/5
  • Joe was ambitious, straight forward and very precise in his pursue for my rights and settled it in my favor. I will always recommend him as Criminal Defense Attorney and hopefully do not need to use him again, however, if I really do, he will be my first choice!
    -Holger F.Rating 5/5
  • Joe was on top of everything and handled my case with professionalism and excellent strategies. I would recommend Joe to anyone who needs legal representation.
    -EricRating 5/5
  • No one wants to find themselves in a situation where you need an attorney but it happens to most everyone at some point. After 2 years of dealing with a public defender, and after looking into several high profile criminal defense attorneys we hired Joe to represent our daughter. Joe was accessible and informative and had a way of relating to us as adults on our level and to her on a level she could understand. She felt at ease and had an immediate trust for Joe and didn't feel judged for her situation. We trusted Joe with our daughters future and he truly delivered a best outcome for her. We would highly recommend Joe for your legal needs.
    -Mary K.Rating 5/5
  • I had a rough case where I was being dragged through the mud by an ex. After hiring Mr. Knape for both injunction and criminal cases I must say I would recommend him to anyone. Anytime I had a question he was able to personally answer the phone or he would get back to me very quickly. He always let me know the status of my case and kept me informed every step of the way. This is much better than my civil attorneys who have a receptionist screen calls and don't get back to me for weeks. He really went to bat for me and got an acceptable outcome to my case.
    -A Criminal Defense ClientRating 5/5
  • Prior to calling Joe, we called six attorneys and were turned down by them as it’s “too complicated”. The last to turn us down, said it’s just too time consuming for him and not easy, but wow he felt we had been burned by the system and wished us luck, I asked this attorney if he could refer someone to help us as I broke into tears. He said ,”CALL JOE, HE IS THE BEST”.. wow was he right! Joe went to work like a bull dog on the case because he cared. I think he is the type of attorney one would think they all start out like wanting to help and then as time goes were just another number, but not with Joe he is there to help and cares about the case and how important it is to us. Joe has compassion, always returned all calls, kept us informed and worked like I never saw before, he also offers fair prices. We have a complicated case and I think he might be the only attorney around that was willing to help. We plan on placing an ad in the paper of the thanks we owe Joe.
    -Stuart HopperRating 5/5
  • Joe isn't the average Joe. When he is in court, he is highly professional, fast, well respected and very at ease in court. Yet, one-on-one with you, he is there for you. He makes sure you know what is going to happen procedurally, calming with a disarming smile, he says, "I will be there throughout the entire process. You will never be or feel alone." He absolutely delivered beyond my expectations. I highly recommend him & I will always use him as my attorney.
    -PeteRating 5/5
  • Attn. Knape was very helpful and informative with our case. He provided excelent service and I would use his services again for any family law case
    -AprilRating 5/5
  • He is the best! Joe handled everything with my speeding violation recently and I was so impressed with his performance. All the stress was lifted because I just had to hand over the information and then next thing I knew it was all over. Super nice guy. I vote Joe!
    BrandiRating 5/5
  • I would strongly recommend Joe Knape for your case in Florida. Responsible and diligent. He handles most counties in Florida ( a plus ) and situations. Never thought I would have had my case resolved with such ease and professionalism, no stress at all thanks to his hard work and diligence. Today a new chapter of my life starts and I have to thank Joe for helping me resolve it. I strongly recommend for you to call Joe, then take a look around and compare prices as well, what a big difference ! He works for your case and for you, with sincere care, plus... the price is right! I looked around for a while and I was almost depressed to hear how lawyers treat their "future clients" like "walking money" hidden fees everywhere, not "human factor" whatsoever...Oh, but not Joe, he is friendly and knows his business. I am SO thankful I was recommended ( by a very reputable firm that does not offer family law ) to call him ... You will NOT be disappointed ! This guy is a professional, and I will let him handle anything legal for me and for my family in case of need from now on. Thanks Joe.
    -GabrielaRating 5/5
  • Great attorney! Very knowledgeable and always available to help out.
    -Jaya B.Rating 5/5
  • I could not have asked for better legal representation for my case. Mr. Knape was up front with me from the very beginning. He was very clear in communicating his goals for the outcome of my court case. And most importantly he followed through with those goals and produced descent results. Mr. Knape was able to reduce my speeding violation drastically and kept me from getting points on my license. I would highly recommend Joseph Knape to anyone who is seeking a legal professional.
    -ColeRating 5/5
  • Joe helped my son immensely when we needed good legal advice. Joe is very versed in the criminal proceedings and what judges are likely to do with specific cases. He was able to advocate for my son and come away with a reasonable resolution to the case. He was able to know exactly how to deal with the state's attorney handling the case and gave us several options to chose from in order to resolve this matter. All in all, it was a very well handled case and put us at ease during a very trying time in our lives.
    -DavidRating 4/5
  • Attorney Knape handled a traffic matter on my behalf, the case was dismissed! I understand it was a small case, but it was his professionalism and respect for my case which I really appreciated. He is an attorney who will represent his clients zealously, no matter how large or small the case.
    -Nayef M.Rating 5/5
  • I had a really bad situation where my ex wife filed an injunction against me on behalf of my kids and I only had less than a week to presented myself on court, the worst part was that I leave in Orange County and my case was in Polk county. All of the lawyers that I contacted ether didn't want to go that far or want to charge me double amount of money, so my divorce case lawyer recommend Joe Knape and I didn't think it twice. From the first moment he was very helpful and took his time to explained the case to me, and he not only went to Polk county for my case, he also charge me less than half of what the other lawyers were charging me. Mr Joe fought for my case and we won the case, thanks to him I have my kids back and they enjoying vacation with me.
    -MarlonRating 5/5
  • The only place I will look when I need legal advice.
    -Gary G.Rating 5/5
  • Joe Knape is a great attorney, I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. He always contacted me back in a timely manner and made me feel confident in my case. I normally don't write reviews, but he was so helpful that I had to spread the word. Thanks Joe!!
    -MelissaRating 5/5
  • Joe, was able to help me quickly. He's very experienced and maintained communication with me at all times. Thanks a lot for your devices Joe!
    -JoelisRating 5/5
  • I came to Joe for a stalking restraining order and a prior one from a ex girlfriend so this had made it twice now I've used Joe to defend me. All I really have to say....Joe has a great line of defense I was obviously worried about winning the cases and he was very calm matter fact he might have been to calm. But in the fact that was good. It put me at ease. He he communicated with me well and treated me very fairly in his fees. I would definitely would recommend Joe to anybody regarding any restraining orders. Way to go Joe and thanks a lot for your help chalk one down for the team.
    -CharlesRating 5/5
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