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I would strongly recommend Joe Knape for your case in Florida. Responsible and diligent. He handles most counties in Florida ( a plus ) and situations. Never thought I would have had my case resolved with such ease and professionalism, no stress at all thanks to his hard work and diligence. Today a new chapter of my life starts and I have to thank Joe for helping me resolve it. I strongly recommend for you to call Joe, then take a look around and compare prices as well, what a big difference ! He works for your case and for you, with sincere care, plus… the price is right! I looked around for a while and I was almost depressed to hear how lawyers treat their “future clients” like “walking money” hidden fees everywhere, not “human factor” whatsoever…Oh, but not Joe, he is friendly and knows his business. I am SO thankful I was recommended ( by a very reputable firm that does not offer family law ) to call him … You will NOT be disappointed ! This guy is a professional, and I will let him handle anything legal for me and for my family in case of need from now on. Thanks Joe.

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