Orlando Law Firm

Prior to calling Joe, we called six attorneys and were turned down by them as it’s “too complicated”. The last to turn us down, said it’s just too time consuming for him and not easy, but wow he felt we had been burned by the system and wished us luck, I asked this attorney if he could refer someone to help us as I broke into tears. He said ,”CALL JOE, HE IS THE BEST”.. wow was he right! Joe went to work like a bull dog on the case because he cared. I think he is the type of attorney one would think they all start out like wanting to help and then as time goes were just another number, but not with Joe he is there to help and cares about the case and how important it is to us. Joe has compassion, always returned all calls, kept us informed and worked like I never saw before, he also offers fair prices. We have a complicated case and I think he might be the only attorney around that was willing to help. We plan on placing an ad in the paper of the thanks we owe Joe.

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