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Attorney Joseph Knape is an Orlando Attorney that works tirelessly on your legal cases to resolve all of your legal issues. When you search for an “Orlando Attorney Near Me,” it is likely you will find Joe. That is, unless you have already been referred to Joe by a close friend or relative. Did you know that Joe does such a fantastic job for his clients, that a large majority of his clients have referred him to someone that also needs legal help?

You may be asking what Attorney Joseph Knape does for his clients? First and foremost, Joe is a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando, which includes DUI and criminal traffic offenses, as well as a family law attorney in Orlando. Joe’s vast legal expertise does not end there. In fact, because of the trust his clients place in him, Joe receives referrals for construction lawsuits, arbitration, mediation, and car accident cases.

Joe will begin by asking you questions regarding your case. He tries to figure out solutions to your legal problems in order to prevent litigation if possible. If you do have to go to court, Attorney Knape will be ready to litigate your case. Joe’s expertise is a huge benefit to his clients.

In order to ensure his clients are informed about Florida laws regarding divorce and family law, Attorney Knape has written several highly informative blogs under his Law Blog page. Enjoy reading about such topics as burglaries, marijuana possession, DUI, family law litigation, and more.

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