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Facing criminal charges in Orlando or anywhere in Central Florida? Joseph Knape, Esq., criminal defense lawyer Orlando, Florida has fought for thousands of clients over the past 10 years in Orlando. Joe understands what it takes to win cases and provide his clients with the best experience possible. If you need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando, Joe is an aggressive defender of his clients and their constitutional rights. Joe is available for you immediately when you need him. You may reach him directly in your time of need.

If you need an outstanding Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney here’s the bottom line:

The first thing you need to do is get an experienced attorney that will represent you and defend your rights. Need some reasons to hire the 850-CALL-JOE Law Firm? Here are a few:

  • We offer Free Initial Consultations
  • Superior attorney-client communication.
  • Attorney Knape has an Immense amount of trial experience regarding almost every type of criminal case.
  • The 850 Call Joe Law Firm offers Manageable payment plans for all clients.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando

Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney Joe Knape’s Message to Clients

“At the 850-CALL-JOE Law Firm, we have defended hundreds of criminal cases, helping the Central Florida community protect their legal rights, strategize strengths and weaknesses in government prosecution, and identify the best interest that suit their individual goals.

Clients who are facing criminal charges in Orlando have many obstacles and challenges they need to overcome. Overcoming these burdens to ultimately reach the desired result of getting the charges dismissed is the goal of this Law Firm for every client. Minimizing the impact of an arrest and charge could also be accomplished by having the charge reduced or lessened for criminal record purposes and punishment handed down by the Court. Once hired our clients will never stand in front of a Judge or prosecutor without an aggressive criminal defense attorney that knows their rights.

I started the 850-CALL-JOE Community Law Firm because helping others is what I do best. Please feel free to call me anytime regarding your criminal defense case.”

Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Process in Orlando

After an arrest the first step in the criminal justice system is the initial appearance.  This will occur when a person accused is still in custody 24 hours after the arrest. The accused is brought before a Judge who determines whether based on the facts contained in the arrest report whether probable cause exists for the charge. The Judge also sets a bond amount and offers the services of the public defender for those who qualify. The initial appearance is very short and often the Judge has reviewed the arrest report prior to the accused entering the courtroom.

Don’t miss this part!

The time between initial appearance and the next court date called arraignment is typically when most of the clients hire the 850-CALL-JOE Law Firm. Hiring a competent criminal defense attorney before arraignment sends a message to the prosecution as to the accused’s responsibility, knowledge, and desire to protect themselves through the case.Once hired, our firm will immediately contact the prosecutor after being retained and work to get your side of the story in their mind.  There are always two sides to every case.  Until we speak with the prosecutor they are only seeing and hearing one side of the case and that’s not in your best interest.

Hire Joe as your Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando!

Hiring Joe Knape as your criminal defense attorney in Orlando also does another positive thing for your case: it keeps your face out of the courtroom and therefore out of the eyes of the Judge and prosecutor.  Public Defender clients are often required to attend every court hearing whether it be an arraignment, pre-trial conference, status hearing, motion hearing and the list goes on.  We will waive your physical presence so you won’t have to spend hours sitting, waiting, and wondering while your name is slowly working its way to the top of the Judge’s docket for the day.

Call today or contact Joe, Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando, here to schedule a free initial consultation at the 850-CALL-JOE Law Firm.

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