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Drug Paraphernalia Arrest


Orlando Drug Defense Attorney: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Charges

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia is a first degree misdemeanor but does not carry the same driver’s license suspension as with actual or constructive possession of a controlled substance. In Florida, paraphernalia can be the bag or container that the substance is contained within. Paraphernalia can also be a pipe or bowl as well as other smoking devices or equipment. The most common item is the bag, jar, or storage container in which the substance was found.

This charge is so broad and highly interpretable by different courts.  In today’s society sometimes a common household substance like Sudafed or cold medicine could be considered paraphernalia with this broad language in the Statutes.

Orlando criminal defense attorney Joe Knape has developed a reputation for providing comprehensive and aggressive criminal defense representation to his clients. He has an expansive knowledge of these criminal drug charges and the laws and regulations that guide their prosecution. He is dedicated to using that knowledge to defend his clients to get the best possible outcome for them.

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