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Prescription Drug Arrest, Penalties & What To Expect

Prescription Drug Possession Attorney

When arrested for drug related crimes, such as possessing unauthorized prescription drugs, it is imperative you contact an attorney immediately. Whether you are charged with manufacturing, possession, distribution or trafficking, the penalties can be very serious, and a well planned defense will be crucial.

The government links drugs directly to violent crime. Therefore, it is essential that the defenses raised in your case are precise, strategic and impeccable.

If you choose to retain my firm I will aggressively fight for you, and that could lead to a dismissal of the charge or for the minimum sentence. If your case reaches sentencing, the judge will be required to follow the minimum sentencing guidelines (3 years to 25 years in prison for trafficking), although they may choose an even greater punishment.

Drug related criminal records can make obtaining employment extremely difficult. You could lose your job, housing or worse. Imprisonment can take you away from your loved ones, your community, your life. Time is of the essence to start planning your defense.

Orlando Drug Attorney Joe Knape is available 24/7

Central Florida Drug Crimes and Trafficking Attorney Joe Knape with the 850-CALL-JOE Law Firm offers free consultations and is available by telephone 24/7.  The 850-CALL-JOE Law Firm accepts credit cards and works with clients on a variety of payment plans.  Lawyer Joe Knape is doing his best to represent people charged with these serious state and sometimes federal offenses. Drug crimes in Orlando and Orange County as well as all over the State of Florida face very severe punishment.

Mandatory Jail Sentences

Many drug crimes in Florida carry minimum mandatory sentencing.  Minimum mandatory sentencing applies where the person charged is convicted or found guilty at trial of trafficking in a particular quantity of a controlled substance such as Cocaine, Heroin, Oxycontin and  Cannabis.  The judge is required to sentence that person to a minimum amount of jail time without any discretion as to whether that person may have mitigation that would otherwise qualify them for a non-jail sentence or in some cases be a first time offender.

Driver’s License Suspension Separate Punishment from Jail or Probation

When charged with the drug crime in the State of Florida you should consider consulting with an attorney that has experience defending people accused of these crimes. Many defenses are available to people accused of drug crimes especially in the Central Florida.  An adjudication of guilt under Florida Statutes Section 893 requires that a person’s driving privileges be revoked for a period of at least ONE year. For a person that may be charged with, possession of cannabis, or prescription drugs not to the trafficking amount will find this driver’s license suspension very difficult carry about their day-to-day activities.

If you hire Orlando drug crime attorney Joseph Knape you may not need to attend your court date as he will appear on your behalf and hopefully your case can be resolved with a dismissal or with an alternative prosecution agreement that could keep you from having to attend any court at all. Remember the initial consultation is free so give and this experienced drug crime lawyer a call and schedule your appointment now.

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