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Protect your good name and your career, it is critical that you begin the process in Orlando to seal or expunge a criminal record. You might be wondering why? If you haven’t already faced this issue you have to remember we are in the age of technology. In this age of technology, anyone with a computer or even a smart phone can go to the county clerk or sheriff’s website where an arrest happened. From those websites, anyone can type in your name and read the details of your arrest, see your mug shot and the result of your case.


From the day that you hire Attorney Joe Knape, you will be guided through the process. We will help you fill out the paperwork, send it off to the appropriate agencies, prepare the petition and the order for the judge’s signature, and be available for any court hearing in front of a judge as quickly as possible.

The only thing you have to do is answer a few questions, sign the appropriate paperwork, and return the fingerprint card that we provide to you. The sooner you hire us, the sooner your criminal record will be sealed or expunged. Want to know if your eligible? Read the information below to determine whether you might be eligible. If you think you are eligible, contact our office today and set up your appointment.

Am I Eligible to Seal or Expunge My Criminal Record?

If you can honestly answer “no” to each of these questions, then you are probably eligible to have your Florida record sealed or expunged. However, If the answer is “yes” to any one of these questions, then you are probably not eligible to have your Florida record sealed or expunged.

  1. Have you ever been convicted of any crime anywhere in the United States for any offense, including a felony offense, a misdemeanor, or a criminal ordinance violation?
  2. As a juvenile, were you ever “adjudicated delinquent” of a criminal charge?
  3. Has an adult criminal record ever been previously sealed or expunged?
  4. Are you currently under any type of court ordered supervision or diversion program, such a MIP, PTI, probation or community control?
  5. If you entered a plea and the court withheld adjudication, is the offense you are seeking to seal on this list of disqualifying offenses?

Understanding the difference

Expunge – If your Florida record is expunged, then the records from the court and most records maintained by law enforcement will by physically destroyed, although a copy of the file will remain with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (“FDLE”).

Seal – If your Florida record is sealed, then it remains confidential and the public will not have access to the record through any government databases. However, certain government entities, including the police, have certain legal rights to access criminal records that are sealed under certain conditions. If your Florida record is expunged, those same government entities that would have access to a sealed record would be told that a record was “expunged” but would not have access to the contents of the record maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (“FDLE”) without a court order.

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