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Divorce 101 Orlando Florida

Divorce 101 Orlando Florida

Orlando Divorce Lawyer Joseph Knape talks about Divorce in Central Florida

Orlando Divorce Lawyer Joe Knape is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services available as a family law attorney. Joe helps his clients with their Child Support modifications, and Domestic Violence legal issues. Joe believes it is important to be informed before entering into any action. That is why he has written a divorce 101 Orlando Florida guide for both men and women getting a divorce.

Divorce is an emotionally trying time for both parties. Dealing with an attorney, like Orlando Divorce Lawyer Joe Knape, puts an advocate on your side who will approach the situation in a business-like manner free of the stress caused by the upheaval caused by the divorce.

Divorce, or Dissolution of Marriage, in Florida can take as little as four to five weeks, if the divorce is non-contested and both parties agree to things like alimony, child support and the property settlement. If, on the other hand, there is disagreement, and things are contested, the divorce can take much longer, stretching into months.

Divorce 101 Orlando Florida

Divorce 101 Orlando Florida

After consulting an attorney, the process starts with the filing of a document called the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. This documents lays the groundwork for the divorce, and specifies claims that you may have for things like custody of your children, how much is going to be paid in child support and by whom, if there is any alimony, how the marital property will be divided and what will happen to the debts incurred during the marriage.

Once one of the parties files the Petition, the other party in the divorce must be notified. This is generally done by a process server who personally takes all the papers to the other spouse. It there are children involved, by Florida Law, both parents must attend a seminar on children and divorce. It is not necessary that spouses attend this seminar together.

If you are thinking of getting a divorce, consult first with Orlando Divorce Lawyer Joe Knape to see if divorce is right for you and your family. The initial consultation is free of charge. Payment plans are available, and Joe Knape accepts all major credit cards.

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