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Attorney Joseph Knape is a family law attorney Orlando who will rigorously litigate your case. Since 2009, our firm has successfully helped thousands of great clients with their family law matters.  Family law matters in Central Florida can take place in a variety of settings.  The Courthouse is a primary setting for family law litigation.  Mediation can occur in private or at the Courthouse.  Administrative hearings can take place with child support involving Department of Revenue.  In situations of abuse neglect or abandonment Department of Children and Families acts as an administrative agency to facilitate legal proceedings involving family law issues.

Divorce Attorney Orlando

Newlywed couples are full of plans which can include: buying a house, having children, taking family vacations and growing old together. Marriage is their commitment to love and share a life together. Despite the presence of family or close friends who have experienced a divorce, every one of them will tell you that it never crossed their mind.

Few people ever think of their marriage as a contract or agreement.  Both parties often enter marriage hopeful and unguarded. But once things have reached their limit you’ll be glad you hired an experienced family law attorney in Orlando!

Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend has emotional consequences and some liabilities, but a divorce is much more complicated. The 850 CALL JOE Law Firm has an outstanding understanding of the laws in the State of Florida regarding divorce. Joseph Knape is an experienced and seasoned divorce attorney Orlando.

The local Judges in the Central Florida community dictate who will take what property, where and how the children will be raised and what the future of a once promising relationship holds. Because of the emotional pain caused by divorce, most people do not want the process to drag on any longer than necessary.

divorce attorney Orlando

What Does the 850 Call Joe Law Firm Offer Its Family Law Clients?

A family law client represented by the 850 Call Joe Law Firm will be respected and supported by an experienced professional family law attorney.

Our main goals for our family law clients are:

  • Complete the process in a timely manner;
  • To help the client to receive everything they deserve;
  • Encourage and facilitate a peaceful relationship with the ex-spouse, especially in cases involving minor children;
  • Ease of navigation through the legal system in a way that minimizes emotional scarring for all family members.

No matter how noble our intentions, if we have to fight, you’ll be glad you hired Joe Knape divorce attorney Orlando of the 850 CALL JOE Law Firm.


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