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In the State of Florida whether in a paternity case or in a dissolution of marriage case a parenting plan must be prepared and presented to the Court for approval.  Parenting plans have two main components dealing with the raising of children in a split household.  The parenting plan also has significant impact on child support as well.  The first main component is decision making responsibilities.  As parents you must decide whether decision making responsibilities will be left either one of the parents or shared between the two.  The facts of any particular case will dictate which choice is in the best interests of the child.  Once the decision making component is resolved either by agreement or court order the next step is parenting time.

This can be a rough or detailed scheduled depending on how contentious the proceedings have been. The time sharing schedule will possibly include information on transportation, where to exchange the child, utilizing a 3rd party such as a grandparent or relative in domestic violence cases.  The time sharing schedule will also detail which parent the child will live with during the school year, holidays, and birthdays.  In amicable uncontested proceedings the Court may allow the parties to agree to a draft schedule and adjust as needed.  The Court just wants something in writing to show that the parties will not be running back to Court every time an issue with the parenting plan arises.  A party in these proceedings must always remember that once a final order is entered there must be a substantial change in circumstances that impacts the best interests of the child in order for a contested modification to be granted.

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