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Divorce can be especially difficult for the children involved. Unless there is a good reason to the contrary, every child will benefit from having regular contact with both of his or her parents.

Legally speaking, the term parenting time is used to describe visitation that a father or mother is awarded by a court. Under Florida law, child custody and visitation are determined based on what the court believes are the best interests of children.

Guidance And Representation In Visitation Matters
If you have questions about visitation, we can answer them. We provide guidance and representation in family law matters related to parenting time. We can help you:

  • Obtain visitation orders: We can represent you in petitioning a court for appropriate visitation rights, whether you are going through a divorce or if you were never married to the other parent.
  • Negotiate visitation arrangements that are fair: We can negotiate with the other party in order to find the best arrangements for your child or children.
  • Resolve child custody or visitation issues and conflicts: We can help you solve custody problems, whether they concern joint legal custody or another type of arrangement. This includes problems involving a parent attempting to use a child against the other parent.
  • Seek modification of visitativon orders: Court orders are not set in stone. When changes of circumstances warrant it, custody, visitation and child support can be changed.
  • Handle military divorce matters: If you or your co-parent is in the military, we can assist you in working out appropriate time sharing arrangements.

Attorney Joe Knape is an excellent negotiator and skilled litigator with a proven ability to find solutions to challenging Child Visitation matters.

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