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Florida Distracted Driving Laws

Florida Distracted Driving Laws

Florida Distracted Driving Laws

Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Joe Knape wants you to know about the Florida distracted driving laws regarding texting while driving. Did you know that as of this time, the State of Florida does not have a so-called distracted driving law? Florida is one of just 11 states where drivers who are texting and driving cannot be ticketed. That may be about to change.

During November 2012, the Florida Distracted Driving Summit was held in Tampa and 270 officials, safety experts and law enforcement personnel came together to discuss Florida distracted driving laws, although it appears that the climate for change is not that great. In mid-November, the Republican leadership of the Florida House of Representatives issued a statement saying, “Elected officials have a responsibility to consider the safety of Floridians and also ensure drivers are safe on the roadways. Equally as important as our safety are individual rights, and in the case of texting while driving, there should be no exception.”

Florida Governor Rick Scott has called for a texting and driving study pertaining to Florida distracted driving laws to help him decide if further action is needed. This study was commissioned after it was reported that Florida traffic fatalities were up 4% in 2012.

Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Joe Knape

Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Joe Knape suggests following the guidelines of the Florida Highway Patrol in regard to cell phone use while driving. The FHP has five tips for cell phone use while driving.

  • Make safe driving your first priority – If you think talking on your phone will distract you, don’t do it. If you get a call, just let it ring. That is why there is voice mail.
  • Keep your eyes on the road. Don’t dial and drive. Wait until you stop. Memorize where the buttons are on your phone, so you can answer a call without taking your eyes from the road.
  • Be prepared. Don’t try to locate phone numbers while driving.
  • Limit your conversation. Keep the conversation short and to the point.
  • Above all, use common sense.

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