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Civil litigation cases often begin with a dispute between parties either as individuals or corporate business entities.  The common idea is that you can sue in Court to make things right over a breach of contract/agreement.  If a person claims that a business wronged or injured them it would fall under the civil litigation division.  What is most important in handling any litigation case is that you hire an experienced litigation attorney for your representation.  When parties can’t settle or agree the law provides civil litigation as an option for resolving the disagreement.  Trials in civil cases can be held in front of a Judge or Jury depending on the cases.  The rules of procedure and evidence become very important in these cases.  The 850-CALL-JOE Law Firm knows the rules of civil procedure and the rules of evidence so should your case head towards a trial on the facts these details could be the difference between winning and losing a case.


Don’t be surprised to find out that in some cases a person or business could actually be sued or brought into a civil litigation by a government agency or vice versa with the person or business bringing a suit against a governmental agency.

Litigation is also a broader category for injury and accident cases under the legal name personal injury.  Personal injury cases are discussed in more detail based on the specific types of accident or injury through the links on the right hand side of the page.  Please read and review the information because I want you to be informed and me to be a valuable source of information when you are facing a serious legal dilemma.

Whether aimed at your business or you as an individual litigation can have a dramatic impact as it consumes time, efforts, and money.  These cases typically begin with a demand letter to the person, business, or entity that you feel has wronged you demanding that the behavior stop all together or immediately corrected.  The letter will identify some of the law that would be applicable if the case were not resolved as described in the letter.  The last step in the letter is to make sure a firm deadline and acknowledgment that litigation will ensue.

Once that demand letter deadline passes most cases are ready for the Courthouse unless there are specific provisions in the contract or agreement that require alternative dispute resolution.  Many disputes with homeowner’s associations (HOA disputes) and condominium associations (COA disputes) have this language requiring mediation or arbitration prior to filing a lawsuit.  These case and real estate disputes often head to mediation regardless for a foreclosure lawsuit it is mandatory.

Contact Litigation Attorney Joe Knape to get a free consultation.  He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits.  The experience matters and these cases take time.  Having a forward thinking mindset and knowing you and your attorney are on the same page focusing on the details will make the process run smoother.  Call today or contact Joe online to schedule a free initial consultation at the 850-CALL-JOE Law Firm.  The office is located in the heart of downtown Orlando and accepts all major credit cards as well as offering flexible payment plans.  CALL 407-508-7774 or 850-225-5563 today.

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