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Debt Collection

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You are trying to run a business, not learn business law.  Leave the legal issues in experienced professional hands at the 850-CALL-JOE Law Firm.  Free Initial Consultation to discuss the transactional or litigious nature of your business issue. Debt collection litigation typically stems from a breach of contract dispute.  After one party has unsuccessfully attempted to collect payment for a debt they may turn to an attorney to resolve the matter with litigation.

Debt Collection practices are highly regulated and if you or someone you know is attempting to handle these issue without knowledgeable legal counsel they may be subjecting themselves to civil liability exceeding the value of the actual debt.  Many debt collection cases start with a civil demand letter which details the nature of the debt, the attempts made to resolve the issue on behalf of the creditor and potential lawsuit and judgment practices if litigation is necessary.  Based on the terms of the agreement and the type of debt the demand letter may allow for the debtor to make payment directly to the 850-CALL-JOE Law Firm and end the dispute without further cost or litigation.  Many contracts contain dispute resolution provisions that provide for attorney’s fees and costs be paid by the party that loses in the courtroom. The Business Law practices of Attorney Joe Knape in Orlando Florida focus completely on the goals of the creditor and attempting to recover not only the amount of the debt but also those fees and costs even when there is no contract or attorney’s fee clause.

Debt collection litigation is costly and time consuming.  The Florida and Federal Laws on debt collection make it difficult for an individual to pursue aggressive collection practices.  Hiring an experienced debt collection attorney that can handle the formalities that the government requires and efficiently make the most of your valuable time is one of the primary goals whenever Joe Knape takes on a debt collection case.

With free initial consultations, you can discuss your legal issues with Joe Knape and determine exactly how he can help resolve your problem.  Start the process. Dial 1-850-CALL-JOE (850-225-5563) and add his experience and professional representation to your debt collection team.

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