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Orlando Immigration Lawyer Joe Knape is able to help answer questions or represent people who are trying to reunite families, open businesses, or become United States citizens. He will defend themselves against deportation proceedings.  If you have questions about Orlando immigration procedures, it is important to ask a specialist who is well versed in each of these areas.  Sometimes, the smallest thing can change an immigration proceeding for the better.

Orlando Immigration Lawyer Joe Knape can help you work through of the process of being able to stay in the United States to reach whatever status you may require.  Your goal may be to become a naturalized citizen of the United States.  Others may be coming over to the United States to start or purchase a business and wonder what steps are necessary to obtain and maintain an investor’s visa.  Other’s may be coming over to the United States to work and simply require employment visas.  There are those who are members of displaced families, who are trying desperately to reunite their families in the Orlando area.  Some are at the end of their prescribed time in the United States and are looking for a defense to prevent removal, otherwise known as deportation.

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