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Car Accidents


If you have been injured in a car accident in Orlando you have rights that you may not know about.  If you are getting sued because a victim of an accident claims you are at fault, or have sustained injuries during an accident that was not your fault; Florida Law has ways to protect your rights, but first you should know some tips on how to handle the situation from the beginning.

  • Motor Vehicle in an Accident should call 911 immediately. You want to get law enforcement and emergency medical assistance (if needed) to the scene as quickly as possible. Having police on the scene will not only secure the scene, but it will also help direct traffic, to avoid further involvement.  The police will guide you through the process and this will give your lawyer a clear indication of the circumstances that caused the actions, as well as official reports and witness statements
  • Take pictures of the car or truck involved in the accident as well as any injuries you may have sustained.  Nothing will help a lawyer or attorney during a personal injury case more than proof.  Taking pictures of the car, the accident, any damage to either vehicle, the VIN numbers on the cars or trucks, broken glass, blood on the scene, or airbags deployed can go a long way in explaining to the insurance company exactly what happened.   Again, proof is the tool of choice for the lawyer to win your personal injury case.
  • Take pictures of your injuries. This will help your legal proceedings (if any) and your claim with insurance.  The bigger the car, the bigger the injuries, so this holds especially true when talking about truck accidents or injuries.
  • During an accident, especially accidents causing injuries and heavy damage to autos, gather as much information about the other vehicles, witnesses, and the scene of the accident as you can.  Dealing with insurance company during a car crash or truck accident is easy when you have information amounting to a winning case.
  • Do NOT admit fault on the scene of the accident, after the accident, or when speaking with any parties. An Orlando Car Accident Attorney will have a hard time proving your case if you have admitted fault for a motor vehicle accident.
  • Get Documented Medical Attention. Documented medical records will show your injuries in a credible light to insurance companies, courts, and the opposing side’s legal team.
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