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Whether you’re a condo owner or part of the condominium management team, you’re probably familiar with your community association. You may even have experienced some of the challenges that come with running the complex organization that ensures the roofs are solid, grounds are kept, and maintenance functions properly. Perhaps you’ve noticed the roofs are leaky, grounds are littered and maintenance never seems to come when their called. It may be time for you to contact your Orlando Condominium Association Attorney.

Community association legal services in Orlando can help you resolve small and big issues, even without going to court. Sometimes, mediation is the best option. Our highly trained condo association attorneys are skilled in mediation and do their best to ensure their clients’ desires are met.

If your case is more serious or can not be resolved by mediation, your attorney will defend you before a judge. Court cases are handled by our professional  attorney, who understand condo law and the implications of how associations work within the laws.

We will ensure that all your needs are completely met by informing you of legal matters such as:

  • Addressing law suits filed by owners and residents
  • Collecting assessments and monthly dues
  • Declaring document and collections practices
  • Filing liens

If your reputation is in jeopardy or your stake in your building is on the line, it’s time to make a change. Orlando Condominium Association Attorney Joe Knape will fight your case and provide the necessary skills to be successful in court.

Attorney Joe Knape can be reached for a Free Consultation at 407-508-7774.

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