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Homeowner associations or HOA are small businesses that sometimes have big problems. Have you received a letter from your homeowners association (HOA), or have you been advised to write a letter expressing a grievance? You should seek legal advice to determine if you have a valid claim.

As part of an HOA, you have rights. In fact, you have lots of rights and a stake in the association.

It’s important to stand by your beliefs and fight for your rights. Orlando HOA Attorney Joe Knape home understands both Florida condo law and Florida homeowner association law. This means, that whether you reside in a condo or a house, we can help you.

What if I don’t want to go to court? Through mediation, we have resolved numerous cases civilly.

What if one of the homeowners is suing the HOA? As a business, you have rules and regulations to follow, although you also have rights that need to be upheld. If an HOA member or stakeholder has wronged you, we will help you settle your case so you can get back to business.

Orlando HOA Attorney Joe Knape can handle all of your homeowner association law and dispute cases. You can contact him at 407-508-7774 for a Free Consultation.

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