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Landlord Tenant Laws

Landlord Tenant Laws


Entering into a lease, whether you are the tenant or the landlord, is one of the most common transactions in real estate. Landlord tenant laws in Orlando can be very complicated to deal with. At first glance, it is a simple document. One person has space, another person needs that space and is willing to pay an agreed price to rent that space for a specific period of time. Why would you need an expert in landlord-tenant law to get involved in something so simple? Orlando Landlord Tenant Law Attorney Joe Knape knows that it is not that simple

What happens when things do not go according to expectations? Leases need to be written to protect both parties, both the lease holder and the lessor.

Having a landlord tenant expert like Joe Knape review a lease before signing can prevent tension and stress during the term of the lease. If the lease if complete, it will minimize questions and lay out specific procedures for remedies.

For an owner, you need to be aware of exactly how your property is going to be used and what steps you can take if those provisions are not followed. On the commercial side, you want to make sure that the business you think is going into your property is the actual business that opens, and not something that is prohibited by law and subjecting you to fines.

As the renter, you need to be protected in case the landlord does not make needed repairs, to make sure the building is kept up to code, and there are not illegal entries into your property. You want to be sure you know what your rent will be throughout the course of the lease, and what steps must be taken to raise that rent during the term of the lease.

Protection on both sides is key. If something goes wrong, and an eviction must take place, Joe Knape can help ease the process and minimize the stress of the situation. When it comes to landlord tenant laws in Orlando, Winter Park, Apopka and more Joe understand the guidelines for real estate court very well.

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