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If you have it’s critical that you hire the right attorney to fight for your rights. Experienced and aggressive DUI attorney Orlando, Orlando DUI Attorney Joe Knape is ready to fight your battle inside and outside of the courtroom.  Every DUI case in Florida is different because no two drivers or their driving patterns are identical. In Florida, there are two types of traffic violations drivers can receive. The first is a moving violation, and the second is a criminal traffic violation. Throughout this introductory page we delve into the various types of criminal traffic violations we represent our clients for, including DUIs, and drug related offenses.

Moving Violation in Florida

A moving violation in Florida is an infraction/offense whereby the driver receives a ticket from an officer on scene, or by mail (traffic cameras photograph moving violations). The most common moving violation Florida include the following offenses:

-Running a red light (left-hand turn on a red light, or a failure to make a full and complete stop prior to turning right on red)
-Driving through a stop sign without making a complete stop.
-Driving With a Suspended License
-Leaving the Scene of an Accident
-No Valid Driver’s License
-Expired Driver’s License
-Racing on a Highway
-Attaching Tag not Assigned
-Expired Vehicle Registration
-No Valid Registration
-Unlawful Use of an Identification Card
-No Motorcycle Endorsement
-Unlawful Display of a License
-Permitting an Unauthorized Person to Drive

Criminal traffic violations and moving violation Florida happen every day. Make sure your attorney is aggressive and experienced for your criminal traffic violations. To reach Orlando DUI Attorney Joe Knape call 850 CALL JOE.

Criminal Traffic Violation Florida

Criminal Traffic Violation in Florida: DUI Lawyer in Orlando, DUI Attorney Orlando, Florida

A criminal traffic violation in Florida is a crime and will be handled in a court of law. The majority of criminal traffic violation offenders receive their court date on the bottom of their ticket that was issued by the police officer when the crime took place; this is to say that the driver was not arrested. For violations such as driving under the influence ( DUI), driving with a suspended license, and reckless driving, it is common for the officer to arrest the driver immediately when charged with one of these crimes. Aside from common criminal traffic violations in Florida and their consequences, such as fines, points on a driver’s license, and increase in insurance rates, a criminal traffic violation in Florida adds on to the consequences and can end up costing a person thousands of dollars.

Orlando DUI Attorney

Orlando DUI Attorney Joe Knape understands that criminal traffic violations in Florida are unfortunately likely to result in an immediate license suspension or an immediate arrest. The offender will have to appear in court on their assigned court date and submit their plea, whether they plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If the accused individual does not appear on their said court date, a warrant will most likely be issued for their arrest. If the accused individual decides to fight their case then the case will go to trial unless a different arrangement has been made or a settlement offer has been accepted.

DUI Lawyer in Orlando

A criminal traffic violation in Florida is a double edged sword as it will damage a person’s driving record as well as their personal criminal record. When it comes to laws of traffic it is important for an accused driver to understand that there are numerous ways that the violation received may not be their fault. Most criminal traffic violations are based on the proof that the officer on the scene of the crime can provide. Many times, the officer does not have sufficient proof and it is only their opinion that they go by. Criminal traffic violations should be fought by an experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney because the amount of money that the accused individual will have to pay will most likely amount to more than what the accused individual will have to pay for good legal counsel.

Don’t settle for your average Joe when you need an aggressive DUI lawyer in Orlando and Central Florida. Attorney Joe Knape is ready for your call 850-CALL-JOE!

Criminal Traffic Violation in Florida

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