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Orlando Speeding Ticket Attorney Joe Knape contests speeding tickets on your behalf. When you receive a traffic ticket, in person or by mail, generally you will have three options:

  1. Pay the ticket;
  2. Attend Driving School; or
  3. Contest the ticket and go to court.

Choosing to contest the speeding ticket requires a court hearing. Hiring an attorney to attend that hearing will help you contest the ticket. Orlando traffic attorney Joe Knape can help you reduce or eliminate the speeding ticket fine as well as any points deduction from your license. Remember, that in Florida, traffic violations can be classified as civil or criminal. A failure to contest your ticket may lead to additional costs later. Orlando Attorney Joe Knape is here to help.

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Civil Traffic Ticket Violations in Orlando, Florida

Civil traffic infractions include: a speeding ticket, failure to maintain a single lane, running a red light, failure to signal a turn or even driving while license suspended without knowledge. Speeding, careless driving, car accidents, no insurance, no proof of insurance, expired registration, headlight is out, tail lite ticket, no change of address within ten days of moving. Traffic cameras, stop sign, contesting tickets,

Traffic & Speeding Tickets Violations are Serious
Hire an Attorney to Avoid Trouble.

Often clients are confused as to whether the citation is civil or criminal. If you are given a criminal traffic violation you must appear in court. Some civil violations require a mandatory court appearance as well, the most common being littering and speeding greater than 30 mph over the posted limit.  If you hire an attorney that court appearance can be waived or your attorney can attend on your behalf.

A majority of the population believe that criminal traffic violations, such as driving while your license is suspended, are not real crimes. In actuality these charges begin as misdemeanors and can rise to felonies if they occur frequently. Whether you are charged with a simple civil infraction, or a criminal traffic violation, contact Orlando traffic attorney Joe Knape for a free consultation.

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