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  • Joe was ambitious, straight forward and very precise in his pursue for my rights and settled it in my favor. I will always recommend him as Criminal Defense Attorney and hopefully do not need to use him again, however, if I really do, he will be my first choice!
    -Holger F.Rating 5/5
  • Joe was on top of everything and handled my case with professionalism and excellent strategies. I would recommend Joe to anyone who needs legal representation.
    -EricRating 5/5
  • Mr. Knape handled my divorce case and was extremely professional and commuicative in our meetings. He made this a experience simple and non-stressful. I will recommend him to friends and colleagues alike.
    -OliverRating 5/5
  • He is the best! Joe handled everything with my speeding violation recently and I was so impressed with his performance. All the stress was lifted because I just had to hand over the information and then next thing I knew it was all over. Super nice guy. I vote Joe!
    BrandiRating 5/5
  • No one wants to find themselves in a situation where you need an attorney but it happens to most everyone at some point. After 2 years of dealing with a public defender, and after looking into several high profile criminal defense attorneys we hired Joe to represent our daughter. Joe was accessible and informative and had a way of relating to us as adults on our level and to her on a level she could understand. She felt at ease and had an immediate trust for Joe and didn't feel judged for her situation. We trusted Joe with our daughters future and he truly delivered a best outcome for her. We would highly recommend Joe for your legal needs.
    -Mary K.Rating 5/5
  • Joe helped my son immensely when we needed good legal advice. Joe is very versed in the criminal proceedings and what judges are likely to do with specific cases. He was able to advocate for my son and come away with a reasonable resolution to the case. He was able to know exactly how to deal with the state's attorney handling the case and gave us several options to chose from in order to resolve this matter. All in all, it was a very well handled case and put us at ease during a very trying time in our lives.
    -DavidRating 4/5
  • I HIGHLY recommend Joseph Knape for any legal needs. He is organized, he communicates well, kept me up to date on all issues involving my traffic case. Go forward, we will be calling him for all our legal needs.
    -Casselberry towingRating 5/5
  • I was very pleased with the quick response to an urgent request for advice. Joe was friendly, helpful & knowledgeable & I would be happy to recommend that you give him a call with any legal concern you might have.
    -SueRating 5/5
  • Joe kept me informed about every step. We discussed the options and I felt comfortable with our case. If you need legal help I would highly recommend his services.
    -MichaelRating 5/5
  • Hiring a defense attorney can be a very tedious (and SCARY) thing to do. Not only that, hiring the RIGHT attorney is even more important. However, with Joe this is not an issue! He will break things down for you so you understand what is going on and when. And unlike other attorneys Joe is not hard to get in touch with. In my opinion, Joe is one of the best attorney's in the state of Florida. If you don't know where to go, just 850-Call-Joe!
    -Beau H.Rating 5/5
  • Straight forward and efficient. What a refreshing experience! I cannot recommend Mr. Knape more strongly. If you want honesty and help fast when it comes to your legal issues, Joe Knape is your man.
    -NoahRating 5/5
  • Mr. Knape is one of the nicest and most sincerest person I have ever had the pleasure of representing me. His confidence and overall demeanor is astounding as I have never seen an attorney with such drive. I truly felt that he personally cared about my case and legal troubles, rather then just looking for an easy payoff, I could tell he truly put the time and effort necessary for me to succeed and receive the result I wanted. I recommend Mr. Knape for anyone who wants an honest and caring attorney to represent their legal needs!
    -BrandonRating 5/5
  • Joe was recommended to me by a good friend to help me with my divorce process. Despite Joe being a criminal defense attorney, he still agreed to help me. Joe carries himself with a kindnes and a decency thay anyone would want to have in lawyer. He was those things first, which re-assured me, and then a lawyer. He was compassion and guidance. My ex and I settled amicably and as great friends. All the best to you Joe OA
    Oliver A.Rating 5/5
  • Joe has represented me on 3 cases relating to DUI, driving while license suspended and violation of probation. He not only kept me out of jail but saved me hudreds of dollars in fines, probation fees and court costs. I have my license back less than a year later and highly recommend Joe for any case he is willing to accept. Joe knows the law and fights for his clients.
    -KenRating 5/5
  • Joe isn't the average Joe. When he is in court, he is highly professional, fast, well respected and very at ease in court. Yet, one-on-one with you, he is there for you. He makes sure you know what is going to happen procedurally, calming with a disarming smile, he says, "I will be there throughout the entire process. You will never be or feel alone." He absolutely delivered beyond my expectations. I highly recommend him & I will always use him as my attorney.
    -PeteRating 5/5
  • Attn. Knape was very helpful and informative with our case. He provided excelent service and I would use his services again for any family law case
    -AprilRating 5/5
  • Great firm! I really felt like Joe cared about me and my case. He answered the phone when I called, fought (and won), and explained everything to me along the way. If I need an attorney, he's my guy. And I recommend him to you too.
    -Bree G.Rating 5/5
  • The only place I will look when I need legal advice.
    -Gary G.Rating 5/5
  • I had a rough case where I was being dragged through the mud by an ex. After hiring Mr. Knape for both injunction and criminal cases I must say I would recommend him to anyone. Anytime I had a question he was able to personally answer the phone or he would get back to me very quickly. He always let me know the status of my case and kept me informed every step of the way. This is much better than my civil attorneys who have a receptionist screen calls and don't get back to me for weeks. He really went to bat for me and got an acceptable outcome to my case.
    -A Criminal Defense ClientRating 5/5
  • Integrity and loyalty are the keys to a successful business and Joe Knape espouses both these qualities. If you want a lawyer you can trust to see you to an amicable resolution in a variety of legal matters, you can not do any better than 850 CALL JOE.
    -Katie PeckRating 5/5
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